Builder Brothers Pizza wants your help to deliver pizzas! This playset includes two figures, a delivery scooter, and pizza boxes.

Chef:  Meet the man behind the pizza. Olive oil courses through his veins, his muscles are made of mozzarella, and his legendary culinary skills are a sight to behold. He is…the Pizza Chef.

Pizza Delivery Guy: When you’ve got dozens of pizzas to deliver in one night, you need a pro – like Pizza Delivery Guy! There’s nothing like cruising around town on a motor scooter with a box full of piping hot delicious pizzas. Just make sure he doesn’t eat them on the way to his destination.

Each Game Pack comes with a code with two items relevant to the pack.

  • 2 Figures
  • Accessories
  • Collector’s Checklist
  • Exclusive Virtual Item Code
  • Mix & Match Parts